How to measure Customer Loyalty Success in BOGO Campaigns

Apr 19th, 2024
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Businesses across industries strive not only to attract new customers but also to retain existing ones. In this pursuit, Buy One Get One (BOGO) campaigns have emerged as a popular strategy to incentivize purchases, foster customer continuity, and promote loyalty. However, measuring the effectiveness of such campaigns goes beyond the basic metric of tracking sales, it also involves measuring the effectiveness of BOGO campaigns in enhancing brand trust and customer relationship post-purchase. But, how to measure customer continuity and loyalty performance in a BOGO campaign?

What are BOGO Campaigns?

What are BOGO Campaigns?

BOGO campaigns offer customers the opportunity to receive an additional product or service at no extra cost when they make a qualifying purchase. This promotional tactic aims to entice consumers with added value and create a sense of urgency to make a purchase. While BOGO deals can drive short-term sales spikes up to 90%, their true value lies in their potential to cultivate lasting relationships with customers.

Measuring Effectiveness of BOGO Campaigns

To assess the success of a BOGO campaign in fostering customer continuity and loyalty, businesses need to employ a multifaceted approach that encompasses both quantitative and qualitative metrics. Here are key parameters to consider:

1. Sales Volume and Revenue

The immediate impact of a BOGO campaign can be measured through metrics such as total sales volume and revenue generated during the promotion period. A significant increase in these metrics indicates the campaign’s effectiveness in driving transactions.

2. Customer Acquisition vs. Retention

While BOGO campaigns may attract new customers, their primary aim should be to retain existing ones. Analyzing the ratio of new customers acquired to returning customers who participated in the promotion provides insights into its impact on customer continuity.

3. Repeat Purchase Rate

One of the most critical indicators of customer loyalty is the frequency with which they make repeat purchases. Tracking the repeat purchase rate among customers who availed of the BOGO offer helps assess its influence on driving ongoing patronage.

4. Average Order Value (AOV)

Monitoring changes in AOV during and after the BOGO campaign reveals whether customers tend to spend more per transaction when incentivized with the promotion. A sustained increase in AOV suggests higher customer engagement and perceived value.

5. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

CLV estimates the total revenue a business can expect from a single customer over their entire relationship. By analyzing CLV among customers who participated in the BOGO campaign compared to those who didn’t, businesses can evaluate its impact on long-term profitability.

6. Customer Feedback and Satisfaction

Beyond quantitative metrics, gathering qualitative feedback from customers regarding their experience with the BOGO promotion provides valuable insights. Positive feedback indicates that the offer resonated with customers and enhanced their perception of the brand, fostering loyalty.

7. Churn Rate

Measuring the churn rate among customers who participated in the BOGO campaign helps identify whether the promotion succeeded in retaining them or merely attracted transient buyers. A low churn rate signifies sustained customer engagement and loyalty.

8. Social Media Engagement and Brand Mentions

BOGO campaigns often generate buzz on social media platforms, with customers sharing their experiences and recommendations. Monitoring social media engagement and brand mentions post-campaign offers a qualitative gauge of its impact on brand advocacy and loyalty.

9. Implementation of Insights

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their BOGO campaign, businesses can refine their strategies to further enhance customer continuity and loyalty. This may involve tweaking promotional offers based on customer preferences, optimizing targeting strategies, or enhancing post-purchase engagement initiatives.


BOGO campaigns represent a potent tool for businesses to drive sales and cultivate long-term relationships with customers. By adopting a holistic approach to measuring their effectiveness, encompassing both quantitative metrics and qualitative feedback, businesses can gain invaluable insights into their impact on customer continuity and loyalty. It takes businesses a huge effort and a lot of time to conduct these mentioned measurement methods, so our ezLoyalty platform is a solution that simplifies these measuring processes, so you could get valuable insights with just 1 click. Leveraging these insights enables businesses to refine their strategies, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately, drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Contact us now to explore the benefits of ezLoyalty!

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